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Quiz: What’s your play personality?

Take our play personality quiz and discover how to make life more fun than ever! When did you last go out to play? If you’re thinking it was while you still wore knee-high socks, we’ve got something amazing to tell you – chances are you’ve done something playful today. And learning how to naturally incorporate […]

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Get fit like a jockey with this easy workout

Lithe and lean, jockeys are famed for their small frames and core strength – that’s why a new workout has been developed to harness (sorry!) their fitness. To compete at the highest level, jockeys have to pass a fitness test before receiving their licence. The current test involves holding a plank for 2.47 minutes and […]

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International Yoga Day: we celebrate with Shona Vertue!

To mark International Yoga Day, we caught up with yoga teacher, personal trainer, author and YouTuber Shona Vertue, to find out why she recommends yoga to everyone. Shona’s childhood revolved around gymnastics, and later dance, but found herself left with old injuries and a less active life. It was then she discovered the power of […]

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Kneesy Does It!

Staying active and healthy well into the future is made so much easier when your knees are happy. Here’s how to look after them. ‘Be kind to your knees; you’ll miss them when they’re gone,’ says one of the lines in Baz Luhrmann’s 1999 Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen) song. And it’s true – knees […]

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The best monthly workout streaming subscriptions

Workout videos are nothing new (who can forget Jane Fonda’s Workout from the 80s?). But in this age of Netflix and Hulu, you can now stream exercise videos anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Fitness streaming services do the same thing those old exercise DVDs and VHSes did — bring the gym to you. But they go […]

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An introduction to ebikes

Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling for the first time, or you’re a cyclist who has been out of the saddle for a while, ebikes can provide a simple, green, no fuss method of getting from A to B. What exactly is an ebike? An ebike is a bicycle assisted by a small, quiet, electric […]

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