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Why Tamra Judge Started Her Intense Bodybuilding Regimen: ‘I’d Been Seeing Some Changes in My Body and I Didn’t Like It’

Working out regularly is one thing, but training to compete in a bodybuilding competition? That’s a whole different ballgame — and one Tamra Judge now certainly knows a thing or two about. Less than six months ago, the Real Housewives of Orange County star decided she wanted to transform her body. Now the mom of four is fresh […]

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Quiz: What’s your play personality?

Take our play personality quiz and discover how to make life more fun than ever! When did you last go out to play? If you’re thinking it was while you still wore knee-high socks, we’ve got something amazing to tell you – chances are you’ve done something playful today. And learning how to naturally incorporate […]

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Get fit like a jockey with this easy workout

Lithe and lean, jockeys are famed for their small frames and core strength – that’s why a new workout has been developed to harness (sorry!) their fitness. To compete at the highest level, jockeys have to pass a fitness test before receiving their licence. The current test involves holding a plank for 2.47 minutes and […]

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